Waking Up To Pattering Rain & Thunder Has Never Put Me In A Bad Mood – Unless Class Or Work Is Part Of My Day, Because Cold + Wet = Unhappy

Here’s A Complete Compilation Of Outfits To Wear, Keep You Warm & Wet-Proof



Day Time Showers


Time Waits For No One & Neither Does The Weather.  So If You Need To Be At That 8:00 AM Class Or Early Morning Meeting, Make Sure You’re Ready For The Downpour.  Rainy Days Does Not Mean You Can’t Still Look Fierce

Outfit i:

Pair Your Layered Blazer With A Trench Coat, Your Favorite Trousers & Crisp White Sneakers For A Casual-Chic-Office-Ready Look

Outfit ii:

Puffers Are Seen Everywhere In The Stores, Thanks To All The Models Wearing Them Off-Duty.   So, Wear Your Colourful Puffer With Skinny High Waist Jeans & A Sweater.  I Am Mentioning High Waist Jeans For The Simple Reason Of Not Having To Worry About Your Sweater Or Shirt Popping Out Every Two Seconds.  The High Waist Jeans Will Help Keep All Your Garments Tucked In.  Add Some Extra Flair By Wrapping A Neck Scarf Around Your Neck For Heat & A Fierce Fashion Combo

Outfit iii:

I Love Layers & If You’ve Read My Latest Blog Post You’ll Know Exactly How To Properly Layer Your Outfits.   Try Wearing A Sweater With A Body Warmer Or Gilet Vest, Black Leggings & Rain Boots.  It’s The Ultimate Outfit For A Quick Stroll Or Lunch-Grabbing  With The Gal-Pals On 5th Avenue



Night Drizzles:



Heading Out On A Date Or Formal Event, But The Rain Just Won’t Stop?  Yes, This Has Happened To Me Way Too Many Times.  I Have Found That Black Is The Happiest Colour While Having The Benefit Of Looking Slimmer… What More Does A Girl Want In A Formal Outfit?

Outfit i:

A Black Skin-Tight Top With A Low Back Paired With Edgy Leather Pants & Ankle Boots Topped Off With A Millennial Pink Coat Will Keep You, Both, Warm & Rain-Ready.  Add Extra Accessories – An Oversized Scarf Or Trendsetting Glasses To Your Look For More Je Ne Sais Quoi

Outfit ii:

Turtleneck Vest Or Sweater, Fitted Cigarette Pants, Ankle Boot Heels, A Structured Blazer & Camel Trench Coat For Effortless Swank



Get Your Looks Here:



Superbalist |   Farfetch |   Topshop



Remember Your Umbrella







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